Reduce Drying Time of Waterborne Paint With Advanced Cure Airflow Technology.

Increase productivity and reduce costs with faster drying times. 

Downdraft air creates “laminar air” and “boundary air” which work against producing a fast drying time in most spray booths. Laminar air is created from one directional airflow over an object in a spray booth. Boundary air is low pressured air close to the surface of the vehicle.

Boundary and laminar air prevent evaporation during the paint drying process. This significantly adds extra time and to the drying process, and a loss in profits to your company’s business.

Advancecure is the definitive solution for speeding the drying time of waterborne paints. What it does is turn your booth into a convection oven, and creates turbulent air flow to increase productivity in your shop. 

Check out the before and after videos of AdvanceCure Airflow system below.

With AdvanceCure not running you can see the air lingering around the vehicle. The lack of moving air prevents moisture from being evaporated and makes curing times longer than they need to be. This results in loss productivity of your shop while waiting for vehicles to cure.

See The Turbulent Air With AdvanceCure On.

It’s easy to see the effect Advanced cure has. The air is turbulent and the vehicle is receiving much more airflow. The heated air reaches the painted surfaces much more freely which raises the temperature on the painted surface and dries the coatings much faster. With reduced drying times you can get the extra production your auto body shop needs.

Dupont Advancecure Paint Tests

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