Paint and Prep in the Same Area With Advanced Prep Stations.

Prep stations to save you time and money by increasing productivity of your painting operations.

Vertex Prep Paint BoothVertex CTOF Prep Station – The Vertex Vertex (Closed-Tip—Open-Front) CTOF prep station is designed to save money and time! It’s an affordable, inclusive area for prepping and painting vehicles. Larger shops would find the Vertex CTOF goes together perfectly with one of our paint booths. Together they would provide an ideal environment for prepping operations.

The station doesn’t need additional support or ceiling suspension as it stands on it’s own. It’s also available in multiple designs including single, dual and triple-bay.

Ultra Prep Paint StationUltra Prep Station Downdraft & Semi-Downdraft Prep Paint Booth
The ultra prep station makes for an productive and proficient environment. The Ultra prep station has superior design with integrated light fixtures, single or dual-bay options, and down or semi-downdraft airflow. 

Keep dual-bay work areas separate with optional curtains. To make moving vehicles around the shop easier, Ultra Prep Stations are available in drive-in/back-out, and drive-thru configurations.

Excel Paint Prep WorkstationExcell Workstations – The Excell workstation allows multiple lengths, widths, and height options to fit any shop design. These are supple workstations designed to meet EPA requirements. (EPA Federal Register 40 CFR sub part 63 HHHHHH and NFPA)



Universal Paint WorkstationUniversal Workstations Downdraft & Semi-Downdraft – Finally be able to prep and perform small paint work in one area with the Universal Workstations. Universal has the same options as the Ultra Prep Station and the added option of a high-efficiency heat system. 



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