Ultra Spray Booths. Efficient, Productive, and Easy to Operate.

Our Most Popular Selling Spray Booths.

Ultra spray booths are the best way to lower operating costs per vehicle and increase your finishing systems profitability. They pay for themselves in just a short period of time. Hands down there isn’t another booth that matches the Ultra family of paint booths in energy efficiency, productivity, ease of operation, and professionalism.  


The Ultra Family Includes: 

Ultra Plus 1 Spray Booth – Our #1 most popular selling spray booth. Hands down there isn’t another booth that matches the Ultra Plus 1 in energy efficiency, productivity, ease of operation, and professionalism. The Ultra Plus 1 spray booth uses “SMART” technology to save up to 30-50% on electrical bills, Increases productivity by up to 55%. This all minimizes costs and maximizes profits. It features economy mode, one touch control for various coatings, the fastest drying times, recirculation of air flow, ease of control, shadow free lighting, and filter monitoring. Download The Ultra Plus 1 Brochure


Ultra Downdraft Automotive Paint BoothUltra Downdraft Automotive Paint Booth – A performance spray booth designed to increase your productivity and profitability. The Ultra paint booth utilizes controlled air flow from the ceiling to improve downdraft on the vehicles in the booth. Additional options include upgrades to economy mode, filter monitoring, and AdvanceCure. Other upgrade options include various cabin equipment and a Space saving Option. 


Ultra Auto Truck ProUltra Auto Truck Pro – A spray booth that of superior quality to handle large vehicles. A performance spray booth designed for Trucks, Vans, and other large vehicles, and even smaller cars.The Ultra Truck paint booth utilizes controlled air flow from the ceiling to improve downdraft on the vehicles in the booth. Users have touch button control over temperature, and baking time.


Ultra XL Spray Booth For Truck and TransitUltra XL Spray Booth – For transit, busses, recreation, agriculture, construction, large equipment and the trucking industry, and commercial vehicles. The spray booth provides a highly productive environment to handle large vehicles. It includes downdraft airflow, temperature control, airflow management, contamination control, multi-filtered air, recalculation of air, advanced illumination. The booth offers options to have a drive thru or solid back cabin, and can be custom engineered to fit your industrial needs.


Ultra Fast Track Spray Booth For Automotive PartsUltra Fast Track – An energy efficient paint booth with a high level of contamination control. For auto body shops looking to paint small parts there is the Ultra Fast Track. This is an energy efficient downdraft booth with a minimum impact on space. The shadows free lighting allows users to work in an optimal environment. The Ultra Fast Track automotive parts spray booth comes in various sizes to meet our specific needs.


There truly is no other family of spray booths that matches the Ultra in lowering operating costs, while increasing profitability and productivity. This is hands down the best possible way to achieve the most profitable paint finishing operation. Managed Air Systems is the largest spray booth supplier in the Northeast.

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