Dust Collection for Finishing Systems that Require a Dust Free Environment.

Top-of-the-line Dust Collection Systems for Auto Body Shops and Industrial Applications.

Sanding and prepping a vehicle creates a lot of dust. And having a dusty painting environment can result in poor quality finishes. Plus the dust and fumes are an unhealthy environment for your employees, and unattractive to your customers.

Dust Collection for Auto Body ShopsEurovac’s Dust Extraction Systems Keep Shops and Industrial Plants Clean and Profitable!

Managed Air Systems is a proud supplier of Eurovac Dust Extraction Systems. We supply our customers with significant cost savings on their painting operations. 



Eurovac Can Supply a Shop With:

  • A dust free painting area.
  • A 30-40% reduction in sandpaper costs
  • Savings in cleanup costs
  • A decrease in liability due to employee health concerns
  • A reduction in staff turnover due to better working environments
  • Higher quality finishes with a decrease to repaint


If you’re looking for overall increase in your profits then read below to discover how a Eurovac System can work to improve your shops productivity.


Industrial Dust Collection SystemsIndustrial Dust Collection Systems

Managed Air Systems also supports Eurovac’s Industrial dust extraction systems. These are systems for removing dust from hand tools such as grinders, belt and orbital sanders, and a number of different saws. These systems are for both high and low volume. Below is an overview of the automotive and industrial dust collections systems from Eurovac. Click on a link to learn more about the product and see more products provided by Eurovac.

Download The Phramaceutical Cleaning and Dust Extraction Brochure

Download The Wet Mix Dust Collector Brochure


Automotive Detailing SystemsAutomotive Detailing Systems by Managed Air Systems

Increase productivity and efficiency with your automotive detailing operations! Eliminate the use of portable vacuums by placing vacuum drops right where you need them.

Keep your vacuum equipment always up and always running. This practically gets rid of costly breakdowns with industrial-grade motors and superior filtration systems. Other options include Portable and Central Chemical and Hot Rug Shampoo Dispensing Systems.


Managed Air Systems installs dust collectors in wide variety of applications including mixing, welding, and conveyor transfer stations.

They create a virtually dust free environment by filtering fine particles in large air volumes. All units are designed to be compact to save valuable floor space while minimizing the required ductwork.

Download Eurovac's Heated Shampoo Extraction Brochure

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