MAS Environmental Solutions

Our technology is recognized by the EPA as Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER) and California’s SCAQMD as Best Available Control Technology “BACT.”

MAS has the technology and resources to provide solutions for today’s stringent environmental requirements through affordable abatement technology.

With the right engineered solution, abatement technology can remove 90-95% of the VOC’S from process exhaust air streams, allowing for increased production without exceeding permit limitations.  This technology can also benefit the product quality by allowing our customers to use the “best” material for the application without worrying about emissions.

With Abatement technology you can…

  • Increase production without exceeding your existing emission limits.
  • Avoid the expenses and process constraints associated with switching to low VOC coatings such as E-coat, powder, and radiation cured.
  • Avoid process quality problems associated with the use of low emission materials.
  • Recirculate up to 90% of the exhaust air steam, slashing the cost of heating and cooling replacement air.
  • Afford to air condition areas housing VOC emitting processes.
  • Reduce the cost of VOC recovery and recycling.
  • Keep spray finishing operations in-house, maintaining control of quality and schedule.
  • Use the best materials for your process without the hassle associated with Title V and its associated permitting and reporting constraints.

Industrial Applications…

  • Paint & coating applications on metal, plastic, wood products
  • Printing operations
  • Parts cleaning
  • Process oven vents
  • Adhesive applications
  • Paint & coating manufacturing
  • Chemical reactors
  • VOC recovery and recycling