MAS will participate in the CT Union Station $124.8 million renovation project contracting with O&G Construction

New Haven Rail Yard 293,000 sqft maintenance facility update

Currently a complete renovation of the New Haven rail yard is being planned in conjunction will the new M8 rail cars that have been purchased.

Back in October O&G Industries of Torrington placed a bid for $124.8 million to build a new 293,000-square-foot (27,200 m2) maintenance facility. The contract was then awarded on December 11, 2009. Start Date was January 25, 2010.

This will be the main repair shop for the electric multiple unit cars, with 13 car spots on three tracks, overhead cranes and floor lifts to allow easy removal of major car components, and a DC Power system. The new facility will also include support shops to store, repair and maintain the major components, with a parts storage area. There will be a second floor which will contain offices and amenities/facilities for Metro-North employees. The upper floors will also contain a training center with simulators a security center and offices for DOT employees and MTA Police officers.

The total project scope includes:

  • M-8 Acceptance Facility -> Construction Complete
  • EMU and CSR Shop Improvements -> Completion scheduled for April 2010
  • Component Change-Out Facility -> Construction started January 25, 2010, Construction scheduled for completion October 11, 2012 and be fully Operational by the spring of 2013
  • Diesel Storage Yard -> Bid Opening Held January 6, 2010. Award was scheduled for March 2010.
  • Renovation of the EMU annex for Maintenance of Way
  • Stores Building Demolition
  • Running Repair shop upgrades
  • West End Yard
  • EMU/Program Shop Upgrades
  • East End Yard
  • Main Line Signal System Modification
  • Employee Parking
  • Purchase and Fit Out Off Site Warehouse
  • Independent Wheel Truing Facility
  • Fuel Cells for CCO Facility
  • Pedestrian Bridge
  • Yard Signal System
  • Conversion CSR Shop to Paint and Heavy Repair Shop
  • Rail Car Wash Facility
  • Final Track Completion


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