Nitrotherm Spray Systems installed at Maaco Collision Repair & Painting in Perth Amboy, NJ,

The Nitrotherm Spray system saves Maaco approximately $1,500 per week in paint costs while improving production and finish quality!

Owned by Mohammed Ehtesham.

Mohammed purchased the Nitrotherm unit on January 9th, 2012. Mohammed’s shop paints 13 to 14 cars daily, with a weekly liquid cost of approximately $5,000 per week. Immediately Mohammed reduced his painting costs by up to $1,500 per week resulting in a 30% cost reduction.

The Nitrotherm Spray System is environmentally  friendly and easy for painters use. The nitrogen spray painting allows the painter to improve color matching, control orange peel, runs and imperfections in the overall finish. Not only  does the Nitrotherm Spray System save money on liquid costs, it reduces filter usage and will ultimately improve the overall efficiency of the shop. 

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