Hoffman Auto Group

Hoffman Auto Group

Hoffman Auto Group, a family-owned business established in 1921, has locations in East Hartford and Avon/Canton CT.  The business represents 11 domestic and foreign automotive lines and operates two body shops.  In October, 2007 Hoffman Auto Group kicked off “Project HX,” a plan to renovate their existing dealerships and to construct several new facilities.  On completion of the project, Hoffman Auto Group will have 212,000 square feet of retail space for sales, service, parts and auto body work.



Managed Air Systems was proud to be chosen as the equipment source for Hoffman’s new 16,000 square foot body shop in Avon/Canton Connecticut.  Hoffman Auto Body selected MAS and Global Finishing Solutions for their new Ultra Plus 1 Spray Booths to carry them through the next 20 years.  A key reason for their decision was the tightening of EPA standards that will, in all likelihood, make water-borne paint the industry standard in a few years.  This type of forward thinking is the hallmark of Hoffman’s “Project HX.”



The equipment installed by Managed Air Systems in Hoffman’s Avon/Canton body shop includes:

– Two GFS Ultra Plus 1 Paint Booths featuring:

Insulated dual skin cabins
2 x 15hp direct drive turbines
1.5 MBTU direct fired, 90% recirculating burner
Patented “Smart Cure” accelerated curing technology
Patented “Controlled Air Technology” ceiling design
Patented “Advanced Cure” water borne paint technology

– GFS Ultra Paint Mixing Room

– ITW DeVilbiss Spray Air Filtration System

– Becca Gun Washer and Solvent Saver Recycler

– Chief Impulse EVHT 3-tower, 360-degree frame rack with variable height

– Chief Velocity Electronic Measuring System