Plasan Carbon Composites – Bennington, VT

In 2007 Managed Air System designed and installed a complete new paint line at Plasan Carbon Composites of Bennington, VT.  Plasan Carbon Composites is the leading Tier 1 supplier of carbon fiber parts and assemblies in the United States.  They specialize in the production of Class A and structural parts for mid-volume production cars.

The new paint line includes a floor-mounted variable-speed conveyor, a five-stage washer, a dry-off oven, a cure oven, and a down draft spray booth.  Managed Air Systems partnered with Global Finishing Solutions, Eaton Fabricating, and Pacline Conveyors to design and manufacture the various system components.



Plasan needed the ability to paint the composite parts they were making for the Z06 and the ZR1 Corvette.  As a Tier 1 supplier, Plasan had to meet the uncompromising quality demands of General Motors plus meet an exacting delivery schedule, so there was no room for error.  The new paint line had to be delivered and installed on time and had to produce quality parts immediately upon being commissioned.

The very first run through the line was accepted by General Motors, and Plasan’s new paint system was off and running.



Today, in addition to the Corvette, Plasan makes carbon fiber parts for the Ford Shelby GT500KR and the Dodge Viper ACR.  Plasan applies the primer coat on some parts and clear coat on others using Graco’s Precision Mix Electronic Proportioner and manual electrostatic Pro Xs Spray Guns.