Air Replacement Units for Spray Booths and Other Applications.

Air Replacement Units For Spray BoothsManaged Air Systems works with its key suppliers to develop replacement air used for a variety of applications.  Replacement air can be integrated into facility operations and or process equipment applications.  In some cases air cam be 100% climate controlled to regulate not temperature but relative humidity as well.  Typical applications of air replacement systems are developed to replace contaminated air that must be exhaust from within a building or from within process equipment. The applications for air replacement can very from 1,000 CFM up to several 100,000 CFM. 

Air Replacement for Spray Booth Operations

Spray booths have exhaust systems which remove large volumes of air from the building in which they operate.  Without the right engineered supply of new replacement air, buildings can operate out of code creating numerous operational issues.  In fact, a typical small industrial open face booth, 10’x 8’ x 6’ can remove more than 10,000 cubic feet of air per minute. With this type of exhaust, the temperature difference can be rather dramatic creating negative pressure problems within the building and resulting in very poor finish quality!

Air Make up Unit

Air replacement systems use conditioned and filtered air to ensure the booth temperature and air quality remains constant. This ensures the quality remains consistent too.

Air Replacement Systems Replenish Exhausted Air And Will:

  • Remove stale and polluted air
  • Preserve comfort levels in a building and create balanced pressure
  • Bring in make-up air to increase the quality of the air indoors
  • Allow cooling and humidity control
  • Ensure consistent finishes across the product


Options for an Air Replacement Curing / Bake Systems:

  • Variable Speed Unit – Designed to reduce airflow 50% while the booth is in curing mode. Outside air is always used during cure mode to ensure fresh air.
  • Re-circulating Unit – The unit can re-circulate 80% of the existing air. This provides energy efficiency as the air is heated and requires less energy for the heating unit.

Helpful Links for Massachusetts and New York

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