MAS Installs A New Spray Booth At Putnam Vocational Technical High School

These pictures were taken tonight at the first “Advisory Committee Meeting” in the newly upgraded & built school.  There were approximately 30 individuals attending.  1/3 were industry representatives such as product vendors and equipment distributors.  2/3 were area collision shop owners.  The meeting was run by Mr. John Kennedy, the Collision Shop Department Head.  The meeting consisted of a tour of the school, a presentation by Mr. Kennedy, Pizza, wings and soft drinks then a tour of the Collision Shop. 

The students were very involved in the meeting in serving the food, handing out paperwork and demonstrating the virtual painting equipment.  We found the students to be properly dressed, respectful, polite and very knowledgeable in the various pieces of equipment. There was a question and answer period to end the meeting.

The purpose of an advisory committee is to network with the industry professionals and shop owners so they can provide a product….qualified future employee’s for the industry. 

By have these meetings they can learn their strengths and weaknesses to improve their students for the field.  MAS is a strong supporter of these meetings in all the states we serve.

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