Today’s Collision Center in Malden, MA Gets a Spray Booth Overhaul

Managed Air Systems is currently working on a significant upgrade to the booth systems at Today’s Collision Center in Malden, MA. Initially the customer was interested in simply taking one of his booths down and replacing it with a new modern energy efficient unit.

Managed Air Systems however, assessed his current equipment and his goals and determined that from a productivity and energy efficiency perspective they would be better off updating and modernizing all three of his existing booths and Prep. Station rather than simply purchasing a new unit.

For about the same money as a new booth, Managed Air Systems upgraded their three old booths and prep. station with new drive-thru door assemblies and frontals, new intake plenums for better air flow, upgraded re-circulating A.M.U’s, new light fixtures and more.

This is an ongoing project. We will post our finished results in the very near future.



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